A big favourite dessert in Norway is "vafler" (waffles). In the month of May we have many bank holidays and we will soon be celebrating our national day on May 17th. What a perfect time to make "vafler"!

I've made vafler since I was a kid, so I don't really use a recipe. I just take whatever I've got (well, nearly...) and when we decided to have vafler the other day, this is what I had: Eggs, sugar, flours, oil, milk and some spices. I also add baking powder and some vanilla sugar. After another search I found some sour cream and cream as well. Good!

I start off by stirring eggs and sugar. Then I just add the different ingredients and stir until the batter is a bit thicker than pancake batter.

The batter is left to "rest" for about half an hour, then I heat up the waffle iron, grease it and add some batter. After a few minutes the waffle is ready:

You can eat it with different kinds of jam, sour cream and jam, sweet brown cheese or just butter. I'm sure, if you ask Norwegians how they make vafler, you'll get very different opinions about it. The more "good stuff" you add to it (like cream, sour cream, curdled milk), the better they get.

Velbekomme! (Enjoy!)

3 kommentarer:

punkinsmom sa...

Gjetost on waffles? Or is there another "sweet brown cheese" I've not heard of?

Lothiane sa...

Gjetost is really good on waffles. :) I like it with butter and gjetost, or gjetost and jam (either blueberry or raspberry). :)

Imzadi sa...

Yummy! Can we come and visit you soon! ;) hihi