I stayed home yesterday, but still I really didn't miss anything of the celebration of the Norwegian Constitution Day :o)

It was a cold and snowy morning (actually the coldest May 17th we had for 50 years!), and the local children's parade hurried through their route. I have never seen a children's parade moving so fast before! ;o) I felt sorry for them in the snow!

Later the sun showed up, and then we got very nice visitors...H.M. King Harald and H.M. Queen Sonja! Every May 17th they visit one of the boroughs of Oslo, and this year they came to Vestre Aker borough, where I live. :o)

Photos: by Stormel

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Du er kjapp! Bra jobba! :)

You're my favourite paparazzi, Stormel! :D

It was horrible while it snowed/sleeted, so I'm happy it got better after some hours.

Tinsie sa...

Gosh :-o

It certainly looks cold. And wet!