A while back I went to Bærums verk with my family. It used to be an iron work, but now it's a place for arts and crafts, restaurants and exhibitions.

While there, we saw some glassblowers in action and I took these photos of one of them. It must be really hard and warm work!

In the shop next door you can buy some of the glass art they're making, but unfortunately it was closed the day we were there.

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Denton sa...

I sure hope she does not inhale!

I had a client once who made wheels for trains. Their plant had these really large furnaces and was a sight to see. Luckily I did not have to work there.

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Lothiane sa...

Hey Denton, thanks for your comment!

It must be really hot working near those furnaces. Not a job I would have enjoyed, but they do make beautiful art. :)

The Photo Map looks great!