Happy Birthday, Stormel!

Today is Stormel's birthday. Happy birthday, dear friend and neighbour! Thank you for all your wonderful contributions to this blog, it certainly wouldn't be the same without you.

Here are some flowers for you. It's a photo of a hanging plant I've just bought. I took a photo of it last night and then played around with it a little in Photoshop. :-)

5 kommentarer:

Ineke sa...

i bought the same flowers yesterday.
Happy birthday too from the Netherlands.

Halcyon sa...

I believe it is a fuschia. I remember the gardens outside the Museum of Natural History in Paris had scores and scores of them in the spring.

Lovely photo, in any case!

Stormel sa...

Ååh, you remebered my birthday!

Thank you!! :oD

Louis la Vache sa...

What a superb photo of the fuscia!

Lothiane sa...

Thanks for your comments!

Oh that's right, it's Fuchsia. I think they're really beautiful. Hopefully this will survive, I'm not very good with plants. :)

Stormel: Of course I remembered! ;) *klem*