Where doves cry

Next to the metro station at Majorstua in Oslo, you can find this dovecote. Usually there are lots of pigeons nearby, but when I took this photo none could be seen. I guess they've all gone to Deli de Luca to buy coffee. (They shouldn't, though, the coffee there is dreadful.)

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Kimberly sa...

Hello all! Thank you so much for creating this website. I will be moving to Oslo soon, and have really enjoyed checking in with the Daily Oslo Photos. Thanks for the "Smooth Criminal" Norwegian style link too - it is hilarious! And great for boosting my Norwegian language skills, too! Cheers! - Kimberly

Lothiane sa...

Thank you Kimberly! :)
It's great to hear you're enjoying our page - and the "Smooth Criminal" is really funny! Good luck on moving to Oslo - and learning the language. :)

Where are you moving from?