Fortress and restaurant

This is the last I'll submit from the photos I took at Aker Brygge. This is a closer look at the Akershus Fortress, but it also shows a small, white building higher up on the hill of Ekeberg. That is the Ekeberg Restaurant - a well-known place for many Oslo residents. The building is from 1927 and is one of the finest examples of functionalism in Norway. The view from the restaurant is fabulous.

Another interesting fact is that the background in the Munch painting "The Scream", is the Oslo fjord seen from the hill of Ekeberg.

Photo: by Lothiane

I'm leaving on a holiday tomorrow, finally going to the land I've dreamed of visiting for a long time: Scotland. My sister Imzadi will take time to add photos to this page while I'm gone.

Take care! :-)

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Per Stromsjo sa...

I guess most views in Norway are fabulous… :)

Take care and have a great trip to Scotland!

alphabet soup sa...

Have a great holiday in Scotland. it is a lovely country to visit.
Ms Soup