Oscarborg Fortress

I went to Oscarsborg Fortress that lay in the thinest part of Oslofjord, close to Drøbak in the end of May. And this is part of the cannons that shot down the ship, Blücher April 9th 1940. That made it possible for the government and the royal family of Norway to escape from the Germans.

It's a pretty island that lie about 45 mins with ferry from Oslo. I went there with my work for a conference. I feel that Oscarsborg Fortress is an important part of the history of Oslo and want to show you that. The guide told about the day that they attacked Blücher, it was a morning with fog and they couldn't see much what was going on. But they managed to sink the ship and that's pretty awsome because the most of the military which were there, had just arrived few days before.

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Lothiane sa...

Thanks for adding this. It is an important part of our history. I've never been to Oscarsborg myself, only seen it from ashore. :)

Imzadi sa...

It's pretty nice there! Should go there one day! :)