A new building

Recently, I've showed you some buildings and houses in Oslo. This building is brand new. Noone lives here yet, but soon there will be lots of people moving in. This is taken from above, you only see the top floors. I think there are 6 or 7 floors in this block of flats. I think they will really enjoy the huge terrace that they will have in common. Each apartment also have one balcony as you can see in the front of the picture.

The view they'll all share is really wonderful. I've shared it with you before in a few different posts, among them this and this. My dad lives in the building next to this new one, that's how I got this photo.

Today in Oslo there is a huge Music Party. For 12 hours lots of bands will play on stages all over Oslo (mostly downtown). They don't charge anything to play and you don't have to pay to listen. I'm going to take part in this myself. Hopefully, someone else will take photos so I can share with you tomorrow. It's not possible for me to bring a camera today, unfortunately.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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Dsole sa...

well, so have fun there!! this plan sounds great!

Anonym sa...

It is a very nice photo and there is a nice view too.


Today, I published a nest photograph and some details about its construction; and a link to some dead birds with an explanation. Oh; and thanks for coming to my blog and leaving comments. I do appreciate it.

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Martel sa...

Surprising architecture

This Weekend, I propose on my photo blog on Martel. Before and After.
And amusing, I start with Delfour-Couderc drapery, it was the house of the late arrears Grandparent of Olivier (DP Evry)
(A friend, it is him which me advises to make a blog)
My blog photographs on the town of Martel

Lothiane sa...

Thanks for your comments! :)

Per Stromsjo sa...

...and a nice weekend to you from Stockholm! /per

Glenn Standish sa...

I love post-modernism architecture...this one looks like it may be practising sustainable development as well! Thanks for visiting Toruń Daily Photo!

Lothiane sa...

Good to hear that, Glenn! :) Thanks for visiting and welcome back.