Here is an other building in Regjeringskvartalet which are next to H-block. Here the Ministry of Education and Research have office. This side of building are pretty and made of Carl Nesjar (it's only in norwegian) and were build in 1970 of Erling Viksjø which also builded H-block.
Why it's called Y-block, it's because of it's shaped like an Y.

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~tanty~ sa...

Hi Imzadi [I never heard this Norwegian name before :)].
Welcome to the family. This building is unique and beautiful. Nice shot. I also like your photos in the last few days.

Imzadi sa...

Hello Tanty! Well, it's a nick, I have a more norwegian name! :)

Thanks for your comments at my pictures!

Lothiane sa...

Very cool, sis! :) I can't remember having seen this building before, but I really like the art. :)

Imzadi sa...

Well, it's in Akersgata, so it's just to walk a little past VG-huset, and you'll see it! :)

Palm Axis sa...