I've taken 2 pictures of the tallest building in the government district in downtown of Oslo. It's where the Prime Minister of Norway have office and the Ministry of Justice and Police also have room. It's a pretty building, the first picture is where the "main entrance" for visitors are. The second picture is the part I look at everyday when I'm at work. Sadly I don't have picture of the flank of the building, it have some pretty drawings.

It's called Høyblokka (tall block) and for short H-blokka (h-block). It were build in 1958 of Erling Viksjø. Before it were some old buildings. Sadly I don't know where to find picture of those buildings.

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Lothiane sa...

It's really huge! Nice photos, sis! :)

Imzadi sa...

Thanks sister! It wasn't easy to take picture from the street, because it's tall and it wasn't much room to walk at.