Whispers from the past

This is an old photo from one of the cemeteries in Oslo. This spot with similar head stones are the graves of some of the many soldiers dying here during World War II. These soldiers were mostly British. The German soldiers have their own cemetery at Alfaset.

Photo: by Lothiane

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Anonym sa...

Those men rest in your youth. It is a shame. Shame on politicians for making wars and killing so many people. Your picture is a reminder of those who died when young. The whole life ripped from them far away from home. And what did they gain for their effort?

I find it incredibly strange how mortal enemies can become the best of friends after killing each other for many years.

I like your photograph for all the right reasons. I deplore them for the wrong represented under each headstone.

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Bergson sa...

a beautiful photograph to point out the stupidity of the war

Lothiane sa...

Thank you so much for your comments. I think we all agree about this sadness.