Stormel is doing a great job these days, sending me photos from her trips around Oslo. I'm happy for that, since I haven't had the time myself. But I'll soon have more time on my hand.

This is a photo from Ringgata (= the Ring street). It's situated in a part of Oslo called "Old Oslo". The street got it's name a long time ago, back in the 1880's when they were planning to build roads going in a ring around Oslo center. Today, the only thing remaining is a short piece of this street with some blocks of flats from the 1940's and beginning of 1950's.

Ringgata is also one of the streets represented in the Norwegian version of Monopoly.

Photo: by Stormel

4 kommentarer:

Strangetastes sa...

Beautiful photo, like a poster for a Bauhaus exhibition. Stark, clean, rhythmic. Just enough variation in the windows to show individuality in the hard pattern.


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Bleeding Orange sa...

Great shot! I agree with Strangetates, it looks like something from the Bauhaus.

Lothiane sa...

Thanks for your comments! I'm sure Stormel will be happy reading this. :)

I had to look up Bauhaus... hehe.

Victoria sa...

Interesting shot! I love the symmetry and the perfect squares...