Happy 17th of May!

Greetings all my DP-friends! Today Norway celebrates it's "birthday" - it's Constitution Day. I am wearing my bunad from Rogaland (western Norway). It's one of the many national costumes we have.

As you can see the weather is lovely, and I'm happy for that. Last year it rained a lot. Not as much fun as having nice weather. :-)

Very soon many children and music bands/brass bands will gather in a huge parade downtown. Norwegians who live abroad usually celebrate this day in the country they're staying - so you might see a parade where you live as well.

I will take a lot of photos today and show you later.

I wish you all a wonderful day!

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Anonym sa...

Happy "Birthday"!

Anonym sa...

I guess birthday wishes are in order. I like the photograph of yourself and the background is very nice too. It does look like a very nice day for the event.

Abraham Lincoln

Stormel sa...

Se der ja! Ny bunad! Grattis! ;o)

Håper du har en fin dag!

lv2scpbk sa...

Nice photo and love the clothes. I will look forward to more of your day. Will be back to take a look.

~tanty~ sa...

Gratulerer med dagen!
It's nice to meet you Lothiane :)
Nice Bunad too :)

Ben sa...

Thanks for very nice smile!
Can not wait to see your other photos from the day.

Seda sa...

You look very nice with those local cloths. I have always loved national celebrations.

Lothiane sa...

Hey wytrvn!!! :D So nice to see you here... thank you for your comment and "birthday"-greetings. *glomp* ;)

Abraham: Thank you! We did have a very nice day with our family.

Stormel: Takk! jupp, helt ny og rykende fersk bunad. Moro! Dagen var riktig bra, selv om jeg ikke klarte å vekke deg.

lv2: Thank you for your comment! :)

tanty: Gratulerer med dagen (belated) to you as well! I hope you did have a wonderful celebration with your family. I love my brand new bunad. My dad came all the way from Stavanger to see me wearing it for the first time. That was really nice. :)

Ben: Thank you! I will add some photos eventually. :)

Seda: thank you! :)

Bleeding Orange sa...

The cloths are beautiful... as you are too! I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures from this celebration.

Chris in Madison sa...

hi - come over & have a look at madison daily photo - Syttende Mai was just celebrated in Stoughton, a small town very heavily populated by Norwegians just south of Madison. I'm putting some photos from the big parade up this week - they look a lot like your photos!

Lothiane sa...

Thank you Bleeding Orange! :)

Chris: Thanks so much for visiting and for sharing your link. I really enjoyed seeing your photos from the celebration you took part in! :D