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Would you dare to jump from up there? I sure wouldn't! :-)

This is where the jumpers land after floating on air for quite a while. Of course, in the winter there's snow here and no water. In the summertime this place is used for concerts and games.

Since I couldn't find a real jumper for you, I guess you'll have to settle with this artificial fellow:

Click on photos for lager image.

6 kommentarer:

Abraham Lincoln sa...

Like I said yesterday. I have seen some accidents. It would be one way to get me to confess to most anything. I would say anything not to go down that thing. Nice photo. Interesting post.

See the latest windpower technology working here in Brookville.

Lothiane sa...

I agree, Abraham. I would confess even before they dragged me up there. ;) Thanks for your comment!

Dick sa...

Not for a million I will jump. In August I come to Oslo and maybe..........no I don't.

~tanty~ sa...

When I visited Holmenkollen few years ago, I wanted to try the simulation but they didn't allow me because I was pregnant at that time :)

Nice posting today and also yesterday.

lv2scpbk sa...

I don't think I'd jump. That first photo looks too high.

Lothiane sa...

Dick: I don't think you should try jumping from there in August. No snow then... On the other hand, I wouldn't recommend jumping in the winter either. ;)

Tanty: I've never tried that simulation either, it looks like fun. Perhaps next time? :)

lv2: I agree! :)