A lot of people who don't know Oslo very well, only think of the city center as Oslo. But the city is so much more. Most inhabitants live in the suburbs, which can often be compared to smaller towns. I live in one of these suburbs and sometimes feel like a small town citizen when I see familiar faces everytime I go to the grocer's shop or visit other places in this area.

This photo shows something typical for the suburbs. The blocks of flats surround small squares where you can find a playground and a place to rest for the parents. Some places offer a place to barbeque, so the people living here can meet neighbours and enjoy themselves in the long summer evenings.

As this photo shows, a sitting arrangement can be combined with a shed to park the bikes.

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Anonym sa...

Your photographs of your community are very good. Your narrative is so important and it is also very good and sort of ties the two together. Nice work.

kris sa...

its the same here, we see the same faces over and again :)

Lothiane sa...

Thank you, Abraham! :)

Kris: It's great to live in a community where you can meet familiar faces. I like that. :)

santy sa...

another one from Norway! welcome, welcome! very nice pictures you have here :)

Mandi sa...

Looks like a lot of fun! We have very similar ones here in Israel.

Lothiane sa...

Thanks for the welcome and nice words, Santy! :)

Mandi: The kids love them and it's a nice place to meet others and make friends.

It's really cool to have visits from all over the world, I'll pay you a visit back, Tel Aviv! :)