Yesterday, as I was driving I suddenly realized I was one hour early for my appointment. Okay, time to be a tourist! So I decided to visit Holmenkollen.

Holmenkollen is a world famous ski jump. It was built in 1892, but has been rebuilt several times since then. Unfortunately, it is now decided they will tear it down (but rebuild it again). It's not modern enough for the jumping competitions.

Holmenkollen is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Norway. You can actually enter the tower/room at the top. I bet the view is awesome from there, but I've never tried it. The ski jump is situated in a hilly area, so you can see most of Oslo from there. This means that a lot of the inhabitants of Oslo have a view to the ski jump, me included.

I will add more photos tomorrow.

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Anonym sa...

I like your photograph. It clearly shows how high up these ski jumps are and how dangerous it is if you fell off. Wow. I have seen some really disasterous ski jumps in my time and I still get a chill up and down my spine when I see people headed down one of these things looking to me like their death. But, for the most part, they make it OK.

I hope you can come and learn about my being able to finally fly.

Caz sa...

There is no better feeling than to be a tourist in your own City for a while. :) Great photos - I visited Oslo in 2004 but long to come back... Wonderful City.

Keep up the good work,
Glasgow, Scotland DP

Chris & Deb sa...

I climbed one of these about a month ago and posted the photo on the blog! The view from the top was incredible, but I'd never ski down one!

Seda sa...

Picture looks cool and scary. I have always been afraid of heights.

Lothiane sa...

Abraham: Thank you! I've luckily never seen something go wrong, at least not live. (On TV yes, it looks terrible!)

Carol: Thanks for your comment! I'm happy you enjoyed your stay in Oslo. :)

Chris & Deb: Thank you for your comment! I guess I should once take the tour and see the world from the top of the ski jump. :)

Seda: I'm afraid of heights too, so it would be scary to climb this! :D