The Monolith

This is a close-up of the top of the Monolith in the Vigeland Park (see post from yesterday). I think it's really fascinating!

The column, 14.12 meters (46 feet) high carved out of a single block of stone, consists of 121 figures. Modeled by Vigeland in the years 1924-25, it took three stone carvers from 1929 to 1943 to complete the Monolith, just shortly before Vigeland died. The column is completely covered by human figures in relief, singly or in groups. At the bottom there are seemingly inert bodies. Above them figures ascent in a spiral, the movement halting midway and then rising at a fast pace towards the summit which is covered by small children. Various interpretations of the Monolith have been suggested: Man's resurrection, the struggle for existence, Man's yearning for for spiritual spheres, the transcendence of everyday life and cyclic repetition.

Information about the Vigeland Park

The monolith is situated on a plataeu, surrounded by 36 groups of granite sculptures of Man in various situations of life. This is definitely my favourite area of the Vigeland Park.

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pusa sa...

what a beautiful monument with intricate details

Nathalie sa...

Interesting variations on the interpretation of the monument too!
I gather Vigeland himself didn't leave any information about what meaning he himself gave to the sculpture?
Nice to think that he saw it completed before he died!

Nathalie sa...

And... we have tied a knot on our handkerchief, if we come to Oslo we HAVE to come to Vigeland park!

Glenn Standish sa...

This is an incredible monument. I had never heard of it before. It really is impressive. Thanks for sharing it here at CDP. Greetings from Toruń Daily Photo here in Poland!

~tanty~ sa...

Hey, I've been here too! Thanks for posting this :) This monument is amazing, isn't it?

Lothiane sa...

Pusa: Thank you for commenting! Yes, it is truly a wonderful monument - I never get tired of it - or the park. It's a lovely place to visit all year.

Nathalie: I don't know if Vigeland left any information, but the version I've heard most is the one about the Monolith symbolising life's cycle. And I do hope you'll come to Oslo and visit the park! Thanks for commenting. :)

Glenn: Thank you! I'll visit your blog. :)

Tanty: Yes, it's really wonderful - I love the Vigeland Park. :) Thanks for visiting!

Dsole sa...

oh, I like it a lot! it's very dramatic! what a awesome piece of art!

TeamSplashi sa...

That monument is amazing , dont know real purpose, but looks like great party.
ya =)

Lan Nghiem-Phu sa...

This brings back a lot of memory for me. I have a photo sitting under this exact monument in 1963!

Lothiane sa...

Thank you Dsole and TeamSplashi! :)

Lan Nghiem-Phu: That is so cool that you've been there! Thanks for commenting!