Holmenkollen kapell

This is Holmenkollen chapel, a small church stituated quite near the Holmenkollen ski jump that I've showed you earlier. The chapel was built in 1903. It's famous because it's often visited by the royal family. In 1992 it was set on fire (probably by a self-declared satanist) and it was completely destroyed. After some years a big fund had been raised and the chapel was rebuilt in 1996, quite similar to the old chapel. It's inspired by the old stave churches.

Something cool I just found on a map service online. Here you can see a 360' panorama photo from Holmenkollen, showing the church, the view over the city and fjord and of the ski jump. I hope you'll enjoy it! Underneath you'll find a similar panorama of the ski jump (it's even better) and also the other Norwegian cities/places they've added panorama photos from.

Here's a closer look at the chapel. Click to enlarge.

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~tanty~ sa...

This is cool! And thank you for the 360's panorama photo. I enjoy it so much :)

Lothiane sa...

Thank you for visiting, glad you enjoyed! :)