The Vigeland Park

This is one of the main tourist attractions of Oslo - The Vigeland Park, or Frognerparken as we usually call it. I love this park and the sculptures. Here you can find the Monolith, the little angry boy (Sinnataggen) and all the other fantastic work by Gustav Vigeland. If you ever visit Oslo, this really is the one place you just got to visit!

Here is some information from the Vigeland webpage:

THE VIGELAND PARK covers an area of 80 acres. The 212 sculptures are all modelled in full size by Gustav Vigeland. He also designed the architectural setting and the layout of the grounds. The sculptures are placed on an 850 metre long axis divided into 5 main units: Main Entrance, The Bridge with the children's playground, The Fountain, The Monolith Plateau and The Wheel of Life.

Click here to read more and to see a video presentation.

4 kommentarer:

RamblingRound sa...

A great view of the park. Sounds really interesting.

Bleeding Orange sa...

I visited it when I came to Oslo for my holidays a few years ago. That's true that this park is really nice.

Seda sa...

Great monuments and great view...I should visit your city someday!

Lothiane sa...

RamblingRound: Thank you! It is a wonderful park, really something I'm proud of showing in Oslo. :)

Bleeding Orange: I'm so happy you enjoyed your visit to the park!

Seda: Thank you! I think you should visit, yes... ;)