Red Goat(s) in Oslo

This used to be the wheel house on a Norwegian fishing boat. Now it's a very unique coffee-hut situated on Røa (a part of Oslo towards the west). The owners are a couple, where he is from Alaska and she is from Sweden. Why they ended up in Oslo, I don't know, but I sure am happy for it!

They sell really good coffee, which is a nice change from the disgusting drink you get from the vending machines at 7-Eleven and similar places. Earl (the owner) told me that he didn't like the coffee he got here so he decided to import a coffee of his taste and sell it to us. The Red Goat is shipped from Alaska on the same day it's roasted. That way it's really fresh when it arrives here, and there's a lot of taste.

I really don't understand how they can grow coffee in Alaska, but I'm sure there is an explanation. I will try to find out. That's a good excuse for me to go there again.

Another great thing they have done to this area is putting up benches and café tables. The market square used to be empty and wind-swept. Now it's crowded and wind-swept, which is a whole lot better. I go there sometimes in the morning, buy my coffee (latte) and sit there looking at people or chat with some of the employees in the different shops there.

A small curiosity before I end. In the yellow building in this photo there is a dentist's office. This is the dentist the King of Norway uses. I've seen him arrive there a few times. :-)

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Seda sa...

Thank you for visiting my blog...This place looks very cute :)
Istanbul Photo

~tanty~ sa...

I love coffee too! This place looks cozy. I like your narration :)

marie6 sa...

A good cup of coffee is always appreciated, me and my friend Dina always pop in for a cuppa after we drop the kids off to school. Maybe Earl is interested in coming to Malta to sell his coffee?!
P.S. never imagined a king going to a dentist before!!!

Abraham Lincoln sa...

Wow this is a refreshing kind of post with pictures and a narrative to match. Great job.

Not sure if you visited my blog or not, but if you did I would post this here for you.

Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday and for your comments about my Rose-Breasted Grosbeak. I am into architecture today with the Brookville Community Theatre.

Lothiane sa...

Hi and thanks for your wonderful comments! How I wish we could all join at Røa and have a coffee together from the Red Goat. :)

marie6: I refuse to tell Earl about Malta! ;) I don't want him to leave... that coffe-place is really the best thing about living here. :)

The king must have had some serious dental problems for a while, because he was there quite a few times. Ooops, perhaps I shouldn't be telling? Oh well, it could happen to anyone. :)

marie6 sa...

Ok then, I will make it a point to visit someday and have my coffee there and get to see the king as well!

Lothiane sa...

He-he, Marie.. if you ever do decide to take your coffee there, I hope you'll let me know in advance. :)

Chris & Deb sa...

what a cute coffee hut!
Minneapolis welcomes you to the DP community!

alphabet soup sa...

Hi Lothiane

I've just come across your photoblog recently and it's great - I like the way you have a story to go with the photos. It's like having a guided tour of your city from my chair in front of my computer. I'm a person who loves detail...
About the coffee, I'll think you'll find they import the coffee and only do the roasting in Alaska.
It's a clever idea for a coffee kiosk, bright colours and a novel structure.
I like your post today and I'd like to put it in my Soup du Jour.

Ms Soup

Lothiane sa...

Thank you, Chris & Deb! :)

alphabet soup: I'm happy to hear you like my blog! :)

I think you must be right about the coffee. Thanks for adding me to your soup blog!

Fortunate Fate sa...

I work for Kaladi Brother's Coffee (in Anchorage, Alaska), the roaster who produces the Red Goat coffee you mention in your blog. I was very excited to come across this entry, and to know that people in other countries are excited about our beans! Thanks for giving us some positive coverage.

Lothiane sa...

Hello Fortunate Fate and thanks so much for visiting! :)

I'm very happy that you found this entry as I really love your coffee and want to tell people about this coffee bar. I think it's quite unique and I'm happy that I live near it. :)

Say "hi" to the people at Kaladi Brother's from me. :)

Viidar sa...

I used to live close to the "Red Goat" myself a year ago and I always had to have a cup before work! Still love the coffee they served there! :)

Lothiane sa...

Hi Viidar! :)
Glad to hear of others who like this place. The coffee there is my favourite. :)

Tea and Tiffin sa...

Hear hear, the coffee is just wonderful, and the couple running should be awarded something. Røa wouldn't be the same without them!

Lothiane sa...

I so agree with you, Tea and Tiffin! :D Nice to hear from you, thanks for your visit and comment.