Red moon

I took this from my balcony only a few minutes ago. Lovely evening, although a bit cold. But the moon is nice!



It's finally summer! The temperature has been quite high the last couple of days, and its really nice to be outside. The picture is from Sofienberg Park, which was crowded yesterday! Lots of people went out to barbecue, drink, talk, play games and have fun! :o)

According to Wikipedia Sofienbergparken is one of the most visited parks in Oslo, approximately 3000 people visiting on sunny days. Probably because the park is quite big, and it's located in a very densely populated area.

Photo by: Stormel


New piece of art outside the opera house

The piece is called 'Hun ligger' (She Lies) by Monica Bonvicini.

The sculpture is 12 meter tall and weighs 335 tons (the sculpture alone is 35 tons, then the pontoon/float weighs 300 tons).

- She Lies is meant to be a monument about change, longing and hope. A monument about construction: its beauty and its implicit visions, the beauty of the un-done as a permanent state of change . (Monica Bonvicini)

According to the artist, she has "translated" the painting 'Das Eismeer' (1823-24) by Caspar David Friedrich.

The sculpture will be properly unveiled by the Norwegian Queen Sonja, on Tuesday May 11th 2010.

Photos by: Lothiane