Happy Halloween

Some Halloween hats for the kids. This tradition is quite new in Norway, but I'm sure I'll get some visitors asking for candy tonight. :)

If you want to buy a Halloween costume (or any other costume) in Oslo, then go to Festmagasinet Standard:

Photos by: Lothiane


Moonlight over Sofienberg

A view from an apartment near Sofienbergparken, near the city center. The big chimney in the background is probably one of the two chocolate factories nearby. I used to go to school in this area and remember how wonderful the smell was when the wind was in the right direction. :)

Photo by: Lothiane


First snow this winter

I woke up to a white Oslo today. I reacted like a child and thought it was exciting and beautiful. In about three days I'm going to be complaining about it and missing spring. :)

By the way: Thank you so much, Fio & Prado for the award! We really appreciate this nice gesture. Only a few days ago we made a similar post where we awarded some of our favourites. You can see them here.

Photo by: Lothiane


Something missing

Another picture of Holmenkollen after they started to tear down the ski jump.

A friend of mine, André, took this picture. :o)


Earlier in the autumn

This picture was taken two weeks ago. Now it's not that green around here anymore... ;o)

Photo by: Stormel


Irish visitors

The president of Ireland, Mary McAleese, visited Oslo last week, and there were lots of Irish and Norwegian flags outside the castle, and in Karl Johan Street.

Photo by: Stormel



Today I got this really nice surprise. Oslo Daily Photo received a "Blogging Friends Forever" Award from Ystad Daily Photo. Ystad has been my favourite daily photo blog for a long time, and I just love his pictures. A very inspiring blog! Thank you, Fredrik! :o)

I need to specify that Oslo Daily Photo had not existed without Lothiane, Mark and Imzadi, so of course I share this award with them! :o)

Now it is our turn to give the award to other bloggers following these rules:

1. Only five people are allowed
2. Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog
3. One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world
4. You must link back to whoever gave you the award

It's really hard to choose only five, but these are the ones we choose (random order):

1. Grenoble Daily Photo (Bleeding Orange)
2. Edinburgh Daily Photo (Dido)
3. Ramsey Daily Photo (Babooshka)
4. Copenhagen Daily Photo (Kathrine)
5. Auckland Daily Photo (Lachezar)


The old queen

The statue of princess Maud of Wales, who married Prince Carl - later King Haakon VII of Norway. She was the first queen of Norway in modern time, after hundreds of years of oppression by Denmark and Sweden. The royal palace of Oslo in the background.

Photo by: Mark Wilkinson


The end of Holmenkollen

This is the end of the old ski jump, Holmenkollen. They are planning to build a new ski jump and yesterday they started removing this famous landmark. It's sad, but nothing we can do about it. Here's a link to a video presentation of how they are going to tear it down.

We've showed you several photos from Holmenkollen and the area before on this blog. Please visit again. And in a couple of years we'll be able to show you photos of the new ski jump. It's supposed to be ready in 2010.

Photos by: Lothiane



Ocean salt and wet and deep
As of many eyes that weep
Everyone's alone

(From Berceuse by André Bjerke)

Picture taken at Bygdøy, a very popular area in the summer. People go here to swim and sunbathe. I prefer it in the autumn when it's more quiet.

Photo by: Lothiane


Be a king...

A new campaign in Oslo to make people use the litter boxes all over town. They call the campaign "Pimp our city" and I'm probably too old, because I don't like the name at all. I guess it's directed mostly at younger people, and the video tells you that you're "king" if you throw things in the litter box and not outside of it.

Photo by: Lothiane


Closed for the winter

... and nothing on the menu.

From Bygdøy in Oslo. This little shop is probably only open during summer time, when lots of people visit Bygdøy to sunbathe and swim in the fjord.

Photo by: Lothiane


Interferens - a memorial

This is from Bygdøy in Oslo, where this piece of art called "Interferens" is placed there as a memorial for all the tsunami victims in December 2004.

The sculpture is made by John Audun Hauge in 2007 after a competition on behalf of the Norwegian government.

Photos by: Lothiane


Marching band

From Karl Johan: A marching band on their way towards the Royal Castle.

Photo by: Mark Wilkinson



From the metro in Oslo: An advert - and a comment. The advert says "You are 5 questions away from 10 millions!" and the comment beneath says "We fill the city with crappy ads. Hooray for us in JCDecaux!" (JCDecaux is an advertising company.)

Photo by: Mark Wilkinson


Busy street

Lots of traffic at Røa, west in Oslo.

Photo by: Lothiane's son (12 years old)


Mistakes can be lovely

My son sometimes likes to borrow my camera. Some photos turn out well, others don't. This photo was supposed to be a close-up of autumn leaves, but he didn't quite manage to focus. It still turned up quite nice, I think. It's like a day dream when you just stare at nothing and the focus is inside you instead of what you're looking at.

Photo by: Lothiane's son (12 years old)


Autumn is here

I'm sorry for ignoring this blog for some time.

Autumn is here and in many ways it's my favourite season. I love the crisp, clear air and the coloured trees. We've had days with really lovely weather and now some really grey and wet days. All the changes in nature makes it interesting to photograph, so I'm sure you'll see more autumn photos here on Oslo Daily Photo.

Photo by: Lothiane