In memory of...

After the Rose Ceremony at Oslo City Hall last Monday, people went out in the streets to cover downtown Oslo with flowers. These are some photos taken the next day:

The lion statue outside the Parliament building.

From the "ocean of flower" outside Oslo Cathedral.



The clock of Oslo Cathedral, broken by the blast from the bomb explosion, one week ago today.

Another clock, this is from Møllergata 19, quite near where the bomb went off. Møllergata 19 used to be a prison and police station, and was used by the Nazis during WWII. It's still a symbol of freedom fighters in Norway during the war.


Oslo explosion - the day after

The centre of Oslo today... soldiers with guns, guarding the area where the bomb exploded yesterday, killing 7 and injuring many more.

People have been visiting the area during the day, bringing flowers and candles. Some are at tears, others just walk by and try to comprehend the horrible events that has struck Norway so hard.

At Utøya, a small island in the fjord Tyrifjorden, about 50 km south of Oslo, the police and other helpers have started to bring back the bodies of all the young ones who were massacred yesterday. So far 85 are confirmed dead, and 4 or 5 are still missing. Many others are injured, some of them severly. We don't know yet how high the death numbers will be.

Norway is a small nation, we aren't many people here. Just to compare; per capita Norway has lost more than twice as many as the US did during 9/11. We are all touched, we are all mourning and we will never be the same.

We receive heart warming support and concern from all over the world, and I know this means a lot to me and others. Thank you, to all who care!

Peace & Love

Photo by: Imzadi