Cold winter morning

Yesterday morning was cold...15 celcius below....brrrrrrrrr....but still a beautiful morning! :o)

Photo by: Stormel


Monday morning

Lots of snow in Oslo this Christmas...and this is one of the "hidden" cars that I passed on my way to work this morning. ;o)

Photo by: Stormel



President Obama is in Oslo

President Obama and his wife, Michele, arrived in Oslo this morning. I just watched Obama visit the Nobel Institute where both he and his wife signed a book to accept the Nobel Peace Prize. This photo is just from my TV, of course. Strangely enough, the photographers of Oslo Daily Photo weren't invited. ;-)

Helicopters circle over Oslo and many streets are closed for normal traffic, to ensure the President's security during his visit. Hopefully he will be safe.

Welcome to Oslo, President Obama!


School Dance

This is from a junior high school, where the pupils in their last year are arriving for a school dance. To some of us (who have lived a few decades longer), it seems a bit strange that 14-15 year olds arrive in limousines. But I bet they're having the night of their lives. :-)

To the left, some pupils arrive by horse and carriage. Nice! :-)

Look at that fantastic dress! This reminds me more of movie stars arriving to a huge party, than school children having a dance. Where is the red carpet? They must have forgot... :-)