Schweigaards gate - blue and white

I love the colour of this building!

(It was raining, hence the raindrop on the lense on the first photo.)

Photos by: Lothiane


Schweigaards gate - the Man U flag

Across the street of the little art gallery, I saw this Man U flag waving from a window...

Photo: Lothiane


Schweigaards gate 88

This is Schweigaards gate (street) number 88, where you'll find a small art gallery. It can be rented by artists who would like to display their art.

I was there to take a look at the exhibition "X" by Maria Gjerpe.
You may remember her photo "Lovely winter day" from January this year.

Photo by: Lothiane


Ullern kirke

Ullern church, in Oslo, built in 1903. It has room for 800 people. I was just there, attending a beautiful wedding.

Photos by: Lothiane