The grafitti says "No to EU! Yes to a lot!" At least I think that's what they mean. ;) The last word "møe" is a dialect word from Southern Norway and means "a lot" (mye).

Norway is still not a part of the European Union. Whether or not the country should apply for conventional membership has been one of the most dominant and divisive issues in Norwegian political and economic debate for several decades. The Norwegian people have voted 'no' twice, both in 1972 and in 1994.

If you want to read more about this, visit Wikipedia.

Thank you, Doug, for letting us use his photo!


Blindern Studenterhjem

Blindern is an area in Oslo, but also the name of the main campus of the University of Oslo. Near the university is Blindern Studenterhjem, a home for 220 students. The home opened in 1925 and the architect was Nicolai Beer. The beautiful building is listed/protected.

Thank you Doug for letting us use your photo! :)



My cousin sent me these photos, taken in Oslo yesterday. After a whole lot of snowfall and then a few foggy and grey days, we finally got some sunshine yesterday. The sun is starting to feel warm again and these icicles started melting.

Beautiful, isn't it!

Thank you, Løven, for letting us use your photos!


Cross country skiing II

Yesterday was a beautiful winter day, and lots of people went out skiing. This is from Bogstad, where the trail is crossing the lake.

Photo by: Stormel



Lots of snow

Oslo has had a lot of snow lately, which causes the typical winter chaos. There aren't enough snowploughs to clear the roads in time, so the smartest thing is really to just leave your car where it is parked and hope you'll be able to get it out later. Unfortunately, the usual alternative to cars is the metro, but the metro has big problems when it's snowing; it's often delayed and sometimes you will find that the train you need has been cancelled. Bummer...

The best thing really, is to just stay at home, light candles and drink hot cocoa while reading a good book. :-)

Photo by: Lothiane