Lots of snow

Oslo has had a lot of snow lately, which causes the typical winter chaos. There aren't enough snowploughs to clear the roads in time, so the smartest thing is really to just leave your car where it is parked and hope you'll be able to get it out later. Unfortunately, the usual alternative to cars is the metro, but the metro has big problems when it's snowing; it's often delayed and sometimes you will find that the train you need has been cancelled. Bummer...

The best thing really, is to just stay at home, light candles and drink hot cocoa while reading a good book. :-)

Photo by: Lothiane

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Kim sa...

Beautiful photo, and that sounds like the best snow plan ever. Here in Seattle the whole city seems to shut down, unless it goes on for several days, then we seem to cope better. We don't have snow ploughs, so before the wierd weather of the last several years, it only snowed once or twice a season, and then not much. December here looked just like your photo, though.
Keep warm and enjoy the cocoa!
Seattle Daily Photo

Linda sa...

So glad, in a warped way, to hear other tales of cities grinding to a halt. All the talk in the UK this week has been of the rest of Europe taking a bit of snow in its stride. Candles, cocoa and a book = receipe for bliss.

Lothiane sa...

Thanks for your comments! :)

Kim: I hope Seattle will get some snow ploughs, it sounds like you need them. :)

Lindab: Ah, bliss, yes! I think I'll just stay inside until spring returns. :)

abc sa...

Looks like you posted it on a Sunday, so you did well staying inside. By the way the cars look a bit like toys in this picture, nice effect.