Para Haiti

Another guest photographer! sNapaRt visited Oslo together with Man8os last winter. I think this photo is really beautiful.

Ice sculpture for Haiti's victims. Oslo, winter 2010.

Photo by: sNapArt at deviantArt


Winter by the opera

I found some really nice photos from Oslo on deviantART, so I asked for, and got, permission to post a few here in this blog.

First, this brilliant photo of children playing in the snow. It's perhaps not easy to recognize, but they are playing on the slanting roof of the new opera house in Oslo.

Photo taken 2010 by man8os. Thank you so much for letting us borrow it!


Lovely winter day

Just a few minutes from the busy center of Oslo, you can enjoy beautiful nature. Sognsvann is a 3.3 km circumference lake just north of Oslo, Norway. It's a a popular recreational area, both in summer and winter. Read more about Sognsvann.

Photo by: Maria Gjerpe


This must be cold...

Happy New Year from Oslo!

I live next to a construction site. It's sometimes annoying (because of the noise), but it's also interesting to watch the changes from week to week. I take photos almost every day to document the process. (They're building 50 new houses, so this will probably take a while.)

The past few days they've placed this really huge crane there. I must admit I'd rather not be one who has to work at the top of it... I admire these men, it must be cold to do this work during winter time!

Photos by: Lothiane