President Obama is in Oslo

President Obama and his wife, Michele, arrived in Oslo this morning. I just watched Obama visit the Nobel Institute where both he and his wife signed a book to accept the Nobel Peace Prize. This photo is just from my TV, of course. Strangely enough, the photographers of Oslo Daily Photo weren't invited. ;-)

Helicopters circle over Oslo and many streets are closed for normal traffic, to ensure the President's security during his visit. Hopefully he will be safe.

Welcome to Oslo, President Obama!

4 kommentarer:

Linda sa...

That's a neat screen capture. Shame they didn't invite you too!

Anonym sa...

You should keep him over there... pretty please? :-)

- Per

Sunshine sa...

Thanks for the caring words for President Obama.
We pray he will be safe too.

Lothiane sa...

Linda: Thank you! Yes, I think the City Daily Photo blogs should be invited to all major happenings. :))

Per: I wouldn't mind! I love hearing Obama talk... he even convinced me now that it's wise to go to war. ;)

Sunshine: I must admit he's the first American president in a while that I've actually liked - I hope he will continue to be safe - and hopefully that he will do some of the good things people are hoping for.