First snow this winter

I woke up to a white Oslo today. I reacted like a child and thought it was exciting and beautiful. In about three days I'm going to be complaining about it and missing spring. :)

By the way: Thank you so much, Fio & Prado for the award! We really appreciate this nice gesture. Only a few days ago we made a similar post where we awarded some of our favourites. You can see them here.

Photo by: Lothiane

4 kommentarer:

{sara} sa...

Beautiful! We don't get snow here.

Ken Mac sa...

peaceful shot.

Copenhagen sa...

Yay! Snow! We got our first tiny snow fall too.

Lothiane sa...

Thank you!
Most of the snow has melted already. Typical Oslo winter... it snows, it melts, then it freezes again and then old people slip and fall and break their hip. :-(