Interferens - a memorial

This is from Bygdøy in Oslo, where this piece of art called "Interferens" is placed there as a memorial for all the tsunami victims in December 2004.

The sculpture is made by John Audun Hauge in 2007 after a competition on behalf of the Norwegian government.

Photos by: Lothiane

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Copenhagen sa...

The scupture is inspirational.

{sara} sa...

Oh, and, by the way, I love this blog & being able to see sights in Oslo through the photography. I do plan to visit someday.

{sara} sa...

Hi. I am hoping you might be able to help me. I have searched the internet for some information, But really wanted to just talk to someone. This blog with comments is the closest I could find.

I live in California, USA, but my great-grandparents were born in Oslo. My 10 year old daughter has a project at school about a country of her heritage, ending with a cultural feast tomorrow morning. I have found recipes, etc., but have no desire to wake up early enough to make something I've never made & have no idea how it is supposed to taste to have it at her school by 8:00 a.m. So, by looking on-line, I got some ideas & went to a local store "World Market" & picked up some Lingonberry preserves & some waffle type cookies. I was hoping that I could get some input, from a Norwegian, as to how I should serve this, is it a snack you may eat there? I'm not crazy, I promise. I'd just like to actually talk to a person...e-mail will work, though. My e-mail: willowb64@msn.com Hopefully you will get this soon enough.
Thank you!

Steve Buser sa...

A very appropriate and thought provoking monument.

Lothiane sa...

Thanks for your comments!

Sara: I've sent you an email, I hope it helps your daughter. :) I can explain shortly here:

We would normally not use lingonberry with waffles as it's quite sour, it's something we use with meat from game (deer, rein deer, moose).

With the waffles we will normally serve jelly/jam made of blueberry, rasberry or strawberry. I usually add some sour cream as well. :)

(Or we'd use the brown cheese which is a sweet, caramel type of cheese)

Okay, hope that helps!