Demonstration in Oslo

A few days ago there was a procession of demonstrators on Oslo's main street, Karl Johan. They were there to tell the politicians they want their language to get a higher status in Norway. And the language is the sign language. There are 5000 deaf people in Norway and 20.000 who use the sign language. Deaf people want to have the similar possibilities in life as hearing people; they want to be able to choose the education they want, to take part in society like everybody else, to watch television programs etc.

The sign language is accepted officially as a language in countries like Germany, Belgium and New Zealand - but not in Norway. These people want the right to communication, but the politicians say it's too expencive.

Hopefully these demonstrators will be heard. The next couple of days I'll submit a few more photos from the demonstration, to show my support.

In this photo you see the royal castle in the distance. The building on the left is the parliament building.

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