This picture is from Langgata ('the long street') in the Rodeløkka area. These wooden houses dates back to 1850-1880. Some of these houses used to be shops, with apartments above them. The shops are turned into apartments now. I've visited one of them, and the back garden is like a little oasis. :-)

The area used to be a typical working class area and early 1900 it was regarded as a slum. For a while it was decided that the whole area would be torn down, but after demonstrations a lot of the houses were kept and renovated. The remaining 137 buildings were declared worthy of preservation in 1988.

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Copenhagen sa...

I would love to visit Oslo one day:)

Curly sa...

Hi from South Shields, nice picture you have here today.I like the look of these wooden houses too.

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Bob and Megan sa...

Hi, I'm doing some genealogy research and found out that my great grandfather lived in Langgata 20 in 1900. Do you know if this was one of the buildings that is still exists today?


Lothiane sa...

Hi Bob & Megan!
Thanks for your question. I don't know much about this so I asked a familiy member who is more into old architecture in Oslo. He says that he isn't quite sure, but at the address you're asking about, there is a wooden house. This house is quite new, and probably built as an "interpretation" of the old settlement.

If I'm there again, I'll try to find it and take a photo. :)