Detail: Saint Hallvard

This is the decoration on the Oslo City Hall, facing the seaside. It was made by Nic Schiøll, a Norwegian sculptor. The big statue is of Saint Hallvard, the patron of Oslo. We have told you about him before, when we showed you one of the manholes of Oslo.

The story of Saint Hallvard: On May 15 in the year 1043, a woman was accused of stealing, but claimed she was innoncent. She tried to escape and begged a young man, Hallvard, to take her on his boat across the sea. He believed her and helped her, but the followers soon reached them on another boat and accused Hallvard of helping a thief. He wouldn't listen to them, so they shot him with arrows and then beat the woman to death. To cover up the murders, the woman was buried near the beach and Hallvard was dumped in the sea with a millstone around his neck. But his body floated, even with the heavy millstone, and Hallvard was found.

Later, at his grave, several omens were reported. Hallvard was martyrized as he had died trying to save an innoncent woman, and was eventually named a saint. His remains were later placed in a silver shrine and placed in the Maria church in Oslo.

In the year 1130, the new Saint Hallvard church was built and the holy shrine was moved there.

Saint Hallvards feastday is May 15, marked by concerts and walks through medieval Oslo.

Photo by: Mark Wilkinson

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This is what I like about the daily photos. You get to glimpse into another world and the stories behind them. Very interesting read