Kunstnernes Hus

This building, Kunstnernes hus (The Artists' House), is an art gallery close to the Royal Palace. Every autumn there is an exhibition called The National Annual Autumn Exhibition, or 'Høstutstillingen' as it's called in Norwegian.

Høstutstillingen is a celebration of contemporary art and first started out as a radical protest against "the established bourgeoisie" that dominated the art environment in Oslo in the late 1800's. Since then they have had annual exhibitions, except for the years 1941-1944 due to WWII.

Photo by: Lothiane

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Hilda sa...

I was wondering why it was so enclosed. I don't like buildings with few windows, but in an art gallery, it makes sense since you don't want the sun to degrade the paintings. I love the vines growing over the first level!

It would be interesting to see what passed for 'contemporary' back when it was built. :)

Lothiane sa...

I think you're right, it's probably because they don't want the sunlight in. Or it's just that kind of building? It's really nice inside, so I'll show some more pictures in the days to come. :)

Edvard Munch was one of the artists they showed back "in the old days". ;)

Changes in the wind sa...

Hello, I am a long ways from you but enjoy your blog. I am curious to know how you type your o's with a slash through them? I know it is the right way to write the word there but does your keyboard have something different than mine here in the USA?