St.Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day
is an annual feast day which celebrates Saint Patrick, one of the patron saints of Ireland, and it is generally celebrated on March 17. The day is the national day of Ireland.

In Oslo the Irish celebrated the St. Patrick's Day with a parade downtown today. And these girls represented the Nordic Society of Irish Dancers.

Photo by: Stormel

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Lowell sa...

Irish girls can be soooo cute! I didn't know you let the Irish into Norway!

Heh. Heh.

Lothiane sa...

Åh så stilig! Jeg la ikke merke til disse jentene, men kan tenke meg de passer fint til å danse Riverdance. :)

Gøy du møtte opp og tok bilder!

Tinsie sa...

Nice pic :-)

Anonym sa...

Great picture and you know I've captured them a few times and posted about the parade too :-)

@Lothiane: Thanks for the visit and comment; nice to meet you too! I know we've met in Blogsphere, but I did not know it was you I almost bumped into while shooting the vid from the parade. Hope we can do more than just bump next time we meet :lol:
Like I always say: Blogging connecting People!

Walker sa...

Beautiful capture.

Irskdanser sa...

Thanks for posting the pic. it's actually my sister and I. :)