Happy New Year!

2009 is here and hopefully it will be a good year for all of us!

Some changes will occur here at Oslo Daily Photo. We have run this blog for one and a half year and feel like we need a break. We will post photos, but not as often as before. Hopefully you will continue to visit us from time to time. :-)

Photo by: Lothiane

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abc sa...

Hi Lothiane, Stormel and Izmadi, I just discovered your blog and browsed through it. Nice photos and often interesting text to go with it. It's the right combination and gives a nice and varied impression of Oslo. So I'm sorry to hear that you won't be posting as frequently any longer. Maybe this will help encourage you to keep posting anyway, even if not every day.
I just joined CDP myself, so I still feel very fresh about it. You're welcome to visit and comment if you like. Happy New Year!

Lothiane sa...

Hello Marc and thanks so much for your comment and encouragement! Welcome to the CDP community. :)

We promise to post photos from time to time, but we need to take some time off as we've done this for such a long time and sort of run out of ideas.

Linda sa...

Happy New Year to you. Looking forward to seeing your photos when you do post some. Meantime good luck with the bagpipe playing!

Lothiane sa...

Thank you, Linda! :D
I play tenor drum now, but still in the bagpipe band :D