Holmenkollen today

This is all that is left of Holmenkollen. The ski jumping arena has turned into a huge construction site.

Photo by: Stormel

6 kommentarer:

Tinsie sa...

Oh no, there's something missing! Where's the ski jump? hehe ;-)

Nice pic, it looks good in white.

Fio sa...

What a depressing view :(
However, you can watch the sku-jumping competitions in Zakopane, just now!

Anonym sa...

Nice photo, Stormel, but sad too... :-/

Anonym sa...

I agree, nice but sad... looks like there still is a nice hill to slide down though and into the water in the summer :)

abc sa...

I take it they will modernize it. It's an Oslo landmark after all. Hope you'll post a picture when it's done.

Linda sa...

Very...truncated. Be sure to capture the construction phase for us.