A view from a hill

Today's photos are taken from my balcony. The view is towards the center of Oslo and of the Oslo fiord. As you can see the spring has done wonders to the nature, it's green everywhere. Very lovely, after a long, cold winter.

The second photo is a closer look at the harbour area, showing furthest to the left the Oslo City Hall (the brown, square building). You can also see the small islands right outside the harbour. There are ferries going to and from these islands. On some you can only visit during daytime, but on others there are small cottages where people live during spring/summer. My grandparents had a cottage on one of these islands. Only 10 minutes by ferry and we were in paradise. These days you have to be a millionaire to get a cottage here, but in the beginning (early 1900, I think) they were put there to create summer homes for the working class people. Normally these people could not afford going away in the holidays, but not they had a great place where the family could live from Easter to Autumn.

Click on the photos to see bigger format. I'm sorry about the quality, this camera doesn't have a good zoom.

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Gerald (SK14) sa...

Those little islands are lovely -- saw some of them on a boat trip -- hope you'll show us some them more closely some time.

Anonym sa...

It goes without saying that there is, among all of us, some desire or curiousity about what others look like from homes to cars to street corners. I am not sure how we could all do that unless it would become a theme day project.

I like your photographs because they do show where you live and you mentioned the cold winter. It is just me or does the winters seem colder to you? I know the summers are getting warmer.

~tanty~ sa...

Very nice view from your balcony. Do you know that the theme day for 1st June is 'view from your bedroom window? I think you can join it :)

Lothiane sa...

Gerald: I might do that. I'll see if I can take a trip there sometime this summer. :)

Abraham: thanks for commenting! I don't think the winter's become colder. Actually, it seems like they become less cold, but these things vary a lot.

tanty: Thanks! I love my view. I didn't know the theme, no... where do you find a list of the themes to come? I haven't figured this out yet. I'd love to join in.

~tanty~ sa...

Hi Lothiane,

You can go to the link below but I think you must be a member of the forum first.


Or contact Igor / Demosthenes for details. Good luck :)

J. Andrew Lockhart sa...

I would LOVE to have a view like that!!!

Lothiane sa...

Thank you tanty! I've signed up now. :D

Andrew: I love my view, that's mostly why I bought this apartment. I fell in love with the view. :)