This photo was taken by my son (11 years old) while we were at a café called Tekehtopa with some family. I think it's a very nice photo with a good mood to it.

Tekehtopa is "apotheket" spelled backwards. It means "the pharmacy". They had to change the name at one time, because the organization for pharmacies didn't like them using this name for a café.

The building is from 1872 and for some years it actually was a pharmacy on the premises. It's a good place to meet friends while enjoying a cup of coffee or some nice food.

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Anonym sa...

It is a nice photo. I thought it was the sunrise coming in through the glass. When I got here to have a closer look it still seems that is the sun rising.

Lothiane sa...

Thanks for your comment. :)

The candle does look like a tiny sunrise. :)